Wild rice musings on a snowy day…

So I realized that I hadn’t posted since November. It’s not that I haven’t been here, I have. Its that it is hard to think about wild rice when the lakes are frozen over and covered, somewhat, with snow.  I do think about rice quite often, as I eat it several times a week. But that’s not the point.

As most of you know there is an organization called S.O.R.A. (Save Our Rice Alliance) that has been rather stagnant lately. I can say that. I’m the reason. However – I’m not giving up, I’m just waiting for a warmer climate, and more time.  I am interested in hearing about peoples “how-to’s” on ricing. Or maybe an easier challenge is the “what NOT to do” while harvesting wild rice. I learned one – Never look up (at a bird flying overhead, an airplane, a cloud that looks like an elephant). What happens? You get wet. You fall into the water. Hopefully you’re good enough to jump so you don’t tip the canoe. Keeping your partner happy, and dry, is important. Just ask the first guy I said I would introduce to ricing. I wasn’t very good at jumping. We both got wet. I would add to that – never harvest in a kevlar canoe. Seriously! If you have done this successfully – I want to know!

Okay, gotta run. I’m hoping to be on here a bit more regularly…..stay warm!

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One Response to Wild rice musings on a snowy day…

  1. Jerry Wotczak says:

    Hi Annette and others.

    With this warm winter weather and lack of snow it’s natural to think about an early spring. We had dinner the other day with some friends and the topic of ricing came up as it usually does. Some of our conversation included getting new people (especially kids) to try ricing, the development of efficient small quantity dehullers for the do it yourselfers, and the cost of ricing licenses. All are related topics to some degree.

    We are all looking forward to attending one or more ricing related conferences, etc this summer, so I will monitor this blog to obtain that kind of information. Thank you for this site.

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